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Economy Program

The Economy Program is specially designed for professionals who need to get a deep knowledge about Economy and at the same time learn the technical vocabulary on the subject chosen. The aim of the course is to incorporate all the technical vocabulary related to the economic environment in Spanish and have the ability to use it correctly. The idea is to get an approach to real situations of the general Argentine and Latin American Economy, especially the Argentine Economy. The focus of the course will be on giving the student the possibility to express his own opinions through oral and written communication.

All sections work on economic subjects and some of the topics to be studied are:

  • ● History of the Argentine Economy
  • ● Initial times of Economy (1800-1880) The colony and Independence Time.
  • Economic Expansion (1880-1930)
  • Discovery of Petroleum in Argentina
  • ● Liberalism vs. Nationalism
  • Financial speculation
  • ● Democracy Return
  • Privatizations. Convertibility Law and consequences
Argentine and Latin American Literature Program

The Argentine and Latin American Literature course is designed for advanced and fluent students. The aim of the program is to reach an approach about the Latin American Culture through representative readings. Some of the most important topics are the following:

  • ● To develop the use of the Spanish Language through reading literary texts
  • To identify literary representation mechanisms such as Realistic and Fantastic Literature
  • To get tools to work on critical reading

¿How can the student meet the above objectives? Some of the topics below are included in the program:

  • Analysing different discourses: journalism and literature
  • ● Brief history from Romanticism to the contemporary literature
  • Realistic tales
  • Fantastic tales
  • Social Realism
Medicine Program

This special program includes technical and specific medical vocabulary for those professional students who wish to learn all the necessary vocabulary to develop their professional jobs using the Spanish Language correctly.

The aim of the course is that students are able to express themselves correctly in medical terms and get familiar with patient interviews and review all grammatical structures necessary for oral expression.  Some of the topics included are:

  • ● The body
  • Sympathetic Nervous System and others
  • Interviews to patients
  • Patient background
  • Medical diagnosis according to patient’s symptoms
  • Interviews to doctors
  • Emergency cases
Human Resources Program

The aim of this course is to incorporate all technical vocabulary related to Human Resources in Spanish and acquire a general knowledge about Human Resources in Argentina. The student will be able to express his own opinions about Human Resources in oral and written communication. An Intermediate Spanish level is required for this course so that the student can manage certain basic Spanish structures to be able to understand instructions and learn the technical and specific vocabulary.

  Among other topics, the student will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Human Resources Administration and the different brands
  • Recruiting and Personnel Selection
  • Positions: Description and analysis of each position. Performance evaluation.
  • Work and professional training

Program in Law

The main objective of this program is that students learn about technical and legal vocabulary in Spanish Law as well as having the possibility to have an approach to the Argentine Law through the analysis of the varied laws in effect in the Argentine Law. At the same time the student is expected to use the specific terminology and apply it correctly in the legal context.Some of the aspects included in the program:

  • ● Philosophical definition of the word “law”
  • ● The word “law” and the etymological meaning
  • ● History of Law
  • ● Ancient and Medieval Law
  • ● Modern and Contemporary Law
  • ● Legal contexts
Spanish Writing and Composition Program

The objective of our Spanish Writing and Composition Program is based on the acquisition of the necessary linguistic competence to produce texts in Spanish by using the tools included in the program apart from learning all morphological rules of the different language categories and all syntactic uses.  

Some of the aspects included in the program:

  • ● Agreement
  • ● Gender and number
  • ● Subject and verbs
  • ●Sentences in Passive Voice
  • ●Ellipsis
  • ● Verb correlations
  • ● Tenses in context
  • ● Connectors
  • ● Language Functions

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