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Starts and finishes in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina - Duration: 15 days

This exceptional circuit will take you through the volcanic area of the Lakes District, and you will enjoy the unique experience of standing on an active volcano, where the air smells of sulphur, where the steam comes out of the very ground and, why not, enjoy a healthy mud bath using mother nature’s resources! Prepare for the unexpected in this still largely unexploited area of the world.

Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires
After your long flight, you will certainly enjoy a quiet evening and night in one of the many typical hotels of the Argentina capital

Day 2: Bariloche – San Martín de Los Andes – Riding distance: 250 km
The flight to Bariloche will take about two and a half hours, aiming to arrive at midday. The motorcycles will await you at the airport, and we’ll drive directly to the mountain town of San Martin de los Andes, through the Valle Encantado along the Limay River.

Day 3: San Martín de Los Andes – Pucón (Chile) – Riding distance: 170 km
We cross into Chile via the international border post at Malul Malal, where the dirt road passes close by the foot of the mighty Lanín Volcano (3776 metres) to the town of Pucón where we will spend the night on the shores of the Villarrica lake.

Day 4: Pucón – Temuco – Riding distance: 110 km
A leisurely drive, with time to take lots of pictures, from Pucón (those who want can take a drive up to the ski resort located ON the Villarica volcano) and the ride north towards the town of Temuco, where we will spend the night.

Day 5: Temuco – Caviahue (Argentina) – Riding distance: 350 km
This is a long drive, but well-rewarded at the end. From Temuco, we continue on the famous Panamerican Highway, leaving the main road a few kilometres north at Curacautin. We take a paved road through the Andes, crossing the border at Pino Hachado, through forests of prehistoric trees called Araucarias or Monkey Puzzle trees, which are native to this area. Our destination is the town of Caviahue, located at the foot of the active volcano which bears the same name.

Day 6: Day in Caviahue This day will be unforgettable: Riding up the active volcano to the natural Thermal mud springs of Las Maquinitas, where you can smear your skin with mud oozing out of the ground, sometimes at 100ºC (don’t worry, there are cooler spots), surrounded by hot steam outlets and fantastic scenery. The air smells of sulphur and sometimes you can feel the ground rumbling under your feet.
You also can choose to have a mud bath in one of the spas in Caviahue. After lunch, we can drive to the 7 waterfalls for a walk amongst the Araucaria trees and the crystal clear waters of the Agrio river, or just relax at the hotel.

Day 7: Caviahue – Villa Pehuenia – Riding distance: 200 km
Driving down again from Caviahue, the road will lead us through beautiful mountain scenery to the small tourist town of Villa Pehuenia, where we also will spend two nights right on the lake shore.

Day 8: Villa Pehuenia
The surroundings are best explored at leisure. There are various activities available, such as fly fishing, rafting, horse riding, or even a drive up to the crater of the Chañy volcano, which is filled with crystal clear deep blue water: the perfect spot for pictures.

Day 9: Villa Pehuenia (Argentina) – Valdivia (Chile) – Riding distance: 300 km Crossing again into Chile at the beautiful frontier of Icalma, we will drive down the Panamerican Highway to the coastal resort of Valdivia. As we drive along, the scenery changes completely, as we reach the plains of Chile, and finally the Pacific Ocean. Valdivia has a lot of German influence, and in some aspects, it looks as though we have arrived in the heart of the old Continent.

Day 10: Valdivia – Puerto Varas – Riding distance: 220 km As we drive south again from Valdivia to Puerto Varas, you will note that “we stay in Germany” as Puerto Varas, on the shores of Llanquihue lake is one of the main German settlements in Chile.

Day 11: Puerto Varas Puerto Varas is renowned for its delightful seafood and for its peaceful surroundings. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste the Chilean “Kuchen”, delicious German-style pastry. Two volcanoes can be seen from the lakeshore and daytrips are possible to visit two of Chile’s highest waterfalls.

Day 12: Puerto Varas (Chile) – Villa La Angostura (Argentina) – Riding distance: 250 km Through Osorno and then one of the main crossings between the two countries, Paso Samoré, our road leads us through breathtaking mountain scenery, as we descend to Villa La Angostura at the northern end of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Here, we will spend a very agreeable evening, shopping and resting.

Day 13: Villa La Angostura – Bariloche For the drive back to San Carlos de Bariloche, we have two options: The more direct, 80 km long paved drive around the lake Nahuel Huapi, or a longer and half unpaved ride through the enchanting landscape of the part of the Seven Lakes Route, through Villa Traful.
Either way, we will be in Bariloche early enough for a nice evening in this beautiful town.

Day 14: Fly back to Buenos Aires
After this two hour flight, you will have time enough to do some shopping in Calle Florida and, for those who wish, we could make a reservation at one of Buenos Aires’ world famous Tango Dinner shows, to round off your trip.

Day 15: Fly home

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