The Tango - General Comments
The Tango

General comments

Events such as tours of solo artists and consecrated groups and the spread of the dance by academies, workshops and milongas are some of the reasons of this famous 'Tango Globalization'. This phenomenon has brought Tango back into fashion again not only in Buenos Aires but also in Europe and the U.S.

Tango is strengthening its force in the world thanks to the creation of the Tango National Academy and the reinforcement/the approval of the Tango Law, (facing the third millennium.)

The Tango Day, on December 11th , has been celebrated since 1977. Carlos Gardel was born in December 11th and even though he was born in France, he came to Buenos Aires at the age of 3. He settled down in Abasto town. He was called 'El Morocho del Abasto'.

Gardel was well known in the world and he was the main representative of Tango abroad. He died in a plane accident during an artistic tour in Colombia in 1935. Gardel's character was so huge that the term 'ES GARDEL' or 'SOS GARDEL' is applied to tell somebody that he is the best.


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