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Iguazú: Iguazú National Park | Climate | Excursions |Attractions

Cataratas del Iguazu

Iguazú: Iguazú National Park

Iguazu Falls are located in Misiones, one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina. It offers a combination of nature, history and culture that turn it into an unavoidable offer.

Declared HUMANITY’S NATURAL ASSET (UNESCO –1984-), they were discovered by Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541. The amazing landscape of the Falls, and the varied and abundant animal life and fauna have turned this spot into one of the most important and beautiful tourist centres in the world.

The Iguazú Falls’ name (saltos do Iguaçu in Portuguese), derives from a ‘Guaraní’ word that means “agua grande” (big water). The Iguazú river whose source is in the Brazilian State of Paraná, forms near its confluence with Paraná River a big fall system, in the border between Brazil and Argentina.

The system is made up of more than 270 falls that originate due to the existence of small islands that divide the river’s main flow. The falls have up to 82 m altitude and they are 4 km wide. These are dimensions that together with the mass volume of water that develops in the rain season place the falls into the most important and spectacular in the world. Its width is larger than that of the Niágara Falls in Northamerica.

After Iguazú River falls, it dives into a deep gully, known in the world as “La Garganta del Diablo” (“Devil’s Gorge”). It is, perhaps, the most attractive spot of the journey. As the river falls abruptly, the waters vaporise into a thin rain that gives place to several rainbows that intertwine in the sun and make up an unforgettable postcard.

By means of the safe footbridges of the high and low walks you have access to this amazing abyss that dazzles the sight of the tourist.

The subtropical jungle and thin rain jungle have been an useful natural background for famous movies, like, “The Mission”, with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.

To preserve the jungle that surrounds the Falls and the Falls proper two national parks have been created: Iguazú National Park in Argentina and Parque Nacional do Iguaçu in Brazil

Iguazú National Park, in the north of the province of Misiones, was created in October 9th in 1934 and has, at present, an area of 66,148 acres.

Several areas are part of this nature refuge and the Falls area is precisely the place where people can visit the Iguazú River Falls

Together with the Falls, the park has a natural sanctuary called jungle. Many elements together create this preserved ecosystem. As you tour along the paths you will discover an unknown world of amazing beauty, due to its intact nature and its wild force.

Flora and fauna are varied. You can find native tree species as well as exotic regional plants, which are usually on demand due to their beauty and rarity. The ‘misionera’ jungle has more than 2000 known species (palm trees, orchids, ferns, carnations, rosewood,…) and the most varied animal species (‘yaguaretés’, ‘guacamayos’, ‘coatíes’, toucans, monkeys, tapirs, hummingbirds, colourful butterflies...).


The climate is subtropical. Summers are hot and winters are mild. Rains reach 2000 annual mm. and spread throughout the year.

Cataratas del Iguazu



Iguazú Falls

The 275 falls that are formed with the Iguazú River waters, are due to a geological fault that took place thousands of years ago and today they can be experimented by circuits and bridge walks that lead you to each fall, with the possibility of watching them from all their views.

The Iguazú Argentina personnel provide information, indications and suggestions made by the rangers and national guides at the Visitors’ Centre at the Cataratas area. You will also find accommodation, restaurants, crafts shops (with valuable works made by the artisans from the province and by Guaraníes, shops with photographic material, telephones, post-box and all the necessary things that make your visit more enjoyable and let take maximum advantage of the tour. The alternatives are varied, the choice is yours.

Upper Circuit

It is a journey of about 700 m. from where you can see how the waters that flow slowly among the vegetation, plunge abruptly into the air and make up falls, that go between 40 and 90 m. There are signalled trees and an infinite quantity of butterflies and ‘coatíes’ that are part of the journey.

Lower Circuit

By means of flights of steps that go down, the postcard of the falls is different, dimensions seem to get bigger when you are in front of the falls and the most direct contact can be felt by the constant splash of the cool waters and you will see the never-ending rainbow that tries to embrace them.

San Martín Island Tour

You reach the island by canoe and there you have the options of staying on the beach or go up 160 steps that allow access to 3 viewpoints, ‘El Salto de San Martín’, ‘La Ventana’, and ‘Garganta del Diablo’.

Garganta del Diablo - The "Devil's Gorge"

You reach this place walking or on the ‘Tren Ecológico de la Selva’ (Green Train of the jungle), that departs from central station and has a journey of about 4 km. You will find a restaurant, crafts shop and at around 1000 m. there is a campsite with just trees, ideal for adventurers who love nature.

Macuco Path
4 km. through the thickness of the jungle with signs that contain explanation about this environment and the path that leads to a fall. The Path starts at central station.

Yacaratiá Circuit

To do bird watching and see how nature struggles to regenerate in an environment that has suffered deforestation. Besides, there are excursions, like:

Cataratas del Iguazu



Iguazú area is part of the ‘Polo Turístico Internacional Iguazú’ (Iguazú International Tourist Polo). Made up of three cities: Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Therefore Iguazú destination must be considered as the three cities as a whole, since the three cities offer different resorts, which, by complementing one another, make this Polo a complete tourist centre.

The visitor has in the area of Iguazú, big hotels, efficient land transport, trained multilingual tourist guides, amazing natural attractions thematic parks, golf camp and more…

This area also offers adventure tourism alternatives, as it has two natural resorts that make up ideal sceneries for this type of activities: La Selva Misionera (Jungle) and Iguazú River.

In the evening, there are nightclubs, boites, casinos, restaurants and show houses with typical regional music and even beautiful mullatas…}

Cataratas del Iguazu
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