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La Figura Ranch - Cañuelas, Province of Buenos Aires

La Figura

La Figura, is an antique ranch from Buenos Aires, it was founded by the engineer Carlos Pellegrini, father of the former Argentinean president.

The house used to operate as a cart stop for the long journeys to the south, the main house is still preserved, was built approximately in 1830.

In 1924 they started the building of a new main house, whose current owners are the Madero family.

The ranch has 13 large suites, each specially decorated to enjoy a luxurious and unique stay.

All this wonder is surrounded by a 120 acre park, designed by the famous landscaper Charles Thays, where we can find different species of plants, artificial lakes with colored fish and an island with geese, ducks, swans and other species of the autochthonous fauna.

The sublime cuisine of La Figura includes all the delicatessen from the Local and international cuisine and a 24 hours open-bar.


While staying:

All inclusive service, access to the facilities at the ranch all day long.

Long distance phone calls and 24 hour internet service. Golf, swimming pool, soccer, tennis, horseback riding, sulky and cart rides, games room, table games,  videos, reading room, birds sightseeing , rural activities and boating.


Countryside day.


Welcoming drink.



Access to all activities offered at the ranch during the whole day long


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