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Buenos Aires Travel Information

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Buenos Aires | Customs | Places to visit and more info

Buenos Aires City

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has eleven million inhabitants, which makes it one of the biggest cities in the world. It is also the busiest and most refined city in South América, somehow the synthesis of the diverse and heterogeneous Argentinian essence.

Ever since its early days, Buenos Aires has had a remarkable cultural life, led by people who promoted education, founded the press, fostered literature, encouraged the arts and letters, stimulated scientific development, and who, at the same time, welcomed universal culture.

This legacy has been looked after by subsequent generations and has brought about what this city is today. Buenos Aires is a modern, active city. However, it has also kept its old traditions and cosy corners. The visitor feels fascinated by its environment, the different styles of its neighborhoods, the warmth of its people and the wide range of cultural and commercial choices it offers.

Surrounded by splendid nature, Buenos Aires is the great cosmopolitan threshold of South América.




Buenos Aires Night Life

Buenos Aires busy nightlife offers the visitor several choices of entertainment, recreation and culture.

The city is full of cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, restaurants and "pizzerías" which are open till the small hours. There is a great variety of alternatives to eat out, go dancing or enjoy a show or cultural activity. Those who are fond of Tango will find unique places where to dance it, listen to it or learn it.

Gastronomic areas such as Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo Viejo, Cañitas, Paseo de la Infanta, Arcos del Sol and Costanera Norte are ideal places for those who enjoy indulging in a delightful meal.

Buenos Aires - Culture

Pubs and Cafés

Our Pubs and "Cafés" hold an outstanding place in the social life of this city. They expose a most meaningful aspect of our identity. In fact, when an Argentine says "Let's have a coffee" this invitation can lead, as the case may be, to a friendly chat, a love relationship or a business deal.

Those who live in Buenos Aires city area - so called "porteños" - choose pubs and cafés as the logic scenario for daily life matters involving love, education, friendship, pastimes and cultural development.

It's a must to have a coffee at the classic "El Tortoni".

Café Tortoni


When visiting the district of La Boca, you can't miss to stop by Boca Juniors soccer stadium, the sanctuary of one of the greatest Argentinian passions.

Boca Juniors Stadium
River Plate Stadium


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