Porteño Nightlife Bike Tour

Discover the many faces of the porteño nightlife on an alternative urban tour

Buenos Aires is well known for its lively nightlife and no visit to this great metropolis would be complete without a bike tour of the city at night. Experience the different atmospheres and flavours of Buenos Aires after dark on a journey through the streets and green spaces of Puerto Madero, Recoleta, San Telmo and more. This bike tour is sure to bring you closer to the essence of the BA urban experience.

Bike touring through different neighorhoods is the best way to appreciate the contrasts among different areas and local hangouts. This nighttime excursion is a unique option here in Buenos Aires - an original urban tour with a twist that offers another point of view. Bike touring at night is a unique experience, and the quality bikes and the equipment ensure the comfort and safety of our fellow travellers.

We also offer an interesting option for those who wish a more personal experience or enjoy bike touring in small groups, which is to go on a private tour. This allows for a more personalized attention from our guide and greater flexibility within the bike tour.

Cruise through the newest part of town, Puerto Madero, and along the boulevards to Costanera Sur, a very picturesque and beautiful spot that is somewhat concealed from other urban tour circuits.

Ride through ritzy Recoleta and the classic quarter of San Telmo, once home to the affluent families of Buenos Aires, and enjoy an urban tour to remember.

Bike touring at night is a fantastic way to travel around the city and feel the evening breeze under the stars. We highly recommend this unique experience!

3.5 to 4 hours.

Plaza San Martín, Puerto Madero, Southern boardwalk, San Telmo, Recoleta.

Cycling tours include:
Bike, helmet, tour guide, bottled water, lights and traveller's insurance. Optional: A beer!

Level of Difficulty:
Low. You need not be young or in top physical shape. Our one day tours are easy-going and relaxing.

Only in the event of pouring rain will biking trips be cancelled or delayed.

45U$s (regular bike tour) - 90U$s (private bike tour).

Biking tours everyday at 9:00pm. Book it online.

Meeting Place:
Santa Fé Avenue 690, in the corner between Santa Fe Avenue and Maipú Street