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Learn Tango in B.A. - The teachers - Mora Godoy Studio

THE TEACHERS - Mora Godoy´s Studio

The Studio Mora Godoy | The Lessons

The teachers of the study are managed by Mora Godoy, who represents an original and elegant style in tango. Her manner has a blending of the clasic and the unique tango expression.

Mora Godoy, as the specialized critics and public recognition observe, is the most remarkable and important tango dancer and coreographer in Argentina. She represents the outstanding model in Argentine contemporary Tango.

Ballerina - Choreographer - Teacher

Mainly known for her participation in the international Tango x 2 company, in the Tango Fatal spectacles (USA, 1997) and Los Creadores (Madrid, 1999) - besides her permanent appearance as a teacher in the Solo Tango Channel - Mora Godoy began her formation as a classic ballerina.

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. She intensified her studies with the first dancer Olga Ferri during twelve years, with whom she traveled in order to study in special seminars at the Minsk School, in Russia.

Between 1990 and 1992 she integrated the Modern Jazz Ballet as a soloist dancer, and in the mean time began her studies and tango practices together with Juan Carlos Copes, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Miguel Angel Zotto and Graciela González.

In 1997 she was especially invited by the Stanford University (USA) to dictate tango seminars, and it was during that same year that she set up the "Tango Fatal" spectacle in San Francisco (USA), where she was not only the choreographer but also the first dancer.

In 1998 she co-starred "Perfumes de Tango", together with Miguel Angel Zotto, in different European cities, Israel and Buenos Aires - also as Zotto´s partner  - she was conspicuous in Una Noche de Tango.

In 1999, in Madrid, she was first dancer, director of the ballet and choreographer of The Creadores, show that was musically in charge of Ariel Ramirez and the Julián Plaza Orchestra.

Participated with great success as a dancer and teacher in the First Annual International Tango Festival, in London.

Her didactic tango videos series are soon to be edited and at the present time is rehearsing Esto es Tango show, that will soon open with her very own dance company.


Mora Godoy participated with great success as a dancer and teacher in the First Annual International Tango Festival, in London.

In 2000, was the avant premiere of her show Tango Fatal in the II Tango Festival in Buenos Aires. During October Tango Fatal was shown with great success in the Santiago de Chile Theatre. After that, the company made a tour around the most important cities in Argentina, sponsored by Telecom.

Renowned among the most outstanding personalities of the present time tango dance, Mora Godoy develops activities as a dancer in various casts; also as a choreographer and director of her own spectacles; as well as in her own didactic studio, Estudio Mora Godoy Tango.

Mora Godoy was called to act as a choreographer in Maximiliano Guerra´s tango play called: "Tangos Looking to the South", with him as the main masculine feature. The play toured Argentina and the most important capitals in Europe.

Sky Group and Telecom have chosen "Tango Fatal", whose main feminine feature and director is Mora Godoy, in order to make four special presentations.

In 1993 she entered the tango company "Tango X 2", participating in different tours around Europe, Asia and America.

In 1998, together with Miguel Angel Zotto, she starred the show "Perfumes de Tango".  

As a choreographer and first dancer, she set up, among other shows, "Tango Fatal"  in San Francisco(USA) in 1997 and "Los Creadores" in Madrid (Spain) in 1999.

She consolidated her career in Argentina and all over the world with her international seminars and her classes in "Solo Tango" TV Channel.

Mora Godoy


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